ORIONE-2 P100 H225

Working temperature

Normal temperature
Remote condensing unit
<p>Ventilated refrigeration</p>
<p>Off-cycle defrost</p>
Large surface
<p>Medium surface</p>
IV gamma pre-packed fruit & veg
Pre-packed fish
Fresh milk

Oscartielle presents the new wall cases of the family SIRIUS 2 and ORIONE 2, respectively open vertical multi- deck and closed with double-glass doors. They represent the top of Oscartielle's production as regards to internal exhibiting area.

Both families are distinguished by the new style, which provides panoramic glass sides, and a complete range of different combinations thanks to two heights, five lengths, four depths and the header version.

The design philosophy of these new cases enhances the visibility of the products; they become absolute protagonists thanks to the front and side high visibility. These cases fit with elegance inside medium and big commercial sites where the customer needs wide load capacity.

Length without ends
Horizontal display surface
Net volume
977 mm
2,64 m2
473 dm3
1290 mm
4,03 m2
785 dm3
1915 mm
6,05 m2
1178 dm3
2540 mm
8,06 m2
1571 dm3
3790 mm
12,09 m2
2356 dm3
Cross Section