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Arneg France leads with refrigeration the restyling of the French supermarket

The well-known French supermarket chain E.Leclerc has chosen the latest state-of-the-art solutions of Arneg France to renovate its store in Peronne, France.

The neighbourhood store with a focus on the health and well-being of the customer

A new store has been opened in Barcelona, Ametller Origen.

A perfect mix of elegance, transparency and quality

In Totes, France, it has opened a new store of the French supermarket chain Intermarchè, Intermarchè Super.


Arneg Staff  wishes you all a peaceful Easter!

From our homes, we are distant but united, ready to start again together.

Arneg for a skilful mix between retail and dining experiences

Here it is, the Iper Maestoso of Monza, the supermarket with that something extra that has made it one of the most discussed in the Italian retail world of recent times.